Monica Gave Speech at the World Innovation Summit for Education

Monica just finished speaking at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), the most prestigious international education event held in Doha, Qatar! In past years, this prominent international education event has been held in Doha, Qatar. However, it was moved online this year due to the pandemic. At the conference, Monica shared some observed conclusions of the Duuno Method and online education research with international educators.

Monica’s audience last night included speakers from the United States, China, Syria, Palestine, India, the Philippines, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Portugal, Nigeria, and Qatar. Although the theme of the conference is how to increase online learning participation among young children, many of the panelists discussed their concerns that the internet and hardware are not up to par with online classes in their countries. Additionally, teachers’ technical knowledges are lacking in panelists’ countries, which has forced many children to discontinue their education during the pandemic. While developed areas like Hong Kong are plagued with problems such as the large amount of online classes hurting children’s vision and addicting them to the Internet, many children in other areas are suffering from lack of access to the Internet, computers, and even a stable power supply.


As a company of the online education industry, this conference has made Duunokid seriously ponder about how we can contribute to the fairness of education. How do we use the power of technology to connect the world to children who really need to see the world? The pandemic is also an opportunity for each of us to re-examine the form and nature of education to accelerate the pace of innovation in education.


Duunkid’s Mission

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have heard from parents all around the world chiming in with the same saying: “How do I keep my kids occupied during the summer of a pandemic?” While playing in the backyard and doing puzzles indoors are fun activities, we have heard the struggles of these parents to keep their kids occupied. Summer Camps are closed and all we have now are our tablets.

Here at Duunokid, we set out with mission to make language learning more accessible than ever. We created a state-of-the-art language learning platform that links children 0 to 12-years old with native speaking teachers via video.


In the mists of a pandemic, screen time has been transformed into an even more limitless realm of possibilities. The Duuno Method (short-duration, high-frequency, 1-on-1 lessons), based on PhD research and 30 years of teaching experience, makes learning fun and easy for young minds. This combination of technology, methodology, and talent, enables Duuno to consistently deliver the best overall outcomes for learners. Our team of native speaking experienced teachers are enthusiastic about teaching and interacting with kids.

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