A Surge of Students Are Learning Korean

Dear Parents,

We are excited to tell you that Duunokid’s brand new Korean curriculum program is in its trial stage! As a language education platform for children, we always strive to keep integrity and rigorousness at the highest level for every language program we develop. Before officially launching a new curriculum, we let students and parents experience trial lessons to receive valuable feedback. Therefore, we welcome 1-12 year old children from all over the world who are interested in Korean to experience the new Korean curriculum for a week for free! (No previous Korean experience necessary. Everyone starts as beginners in any language!)


Similar to other Duunokid’s other curricula, this Korean trial week program contains five 15-minute lessons from Monday to Friday. Students will learn new materials from Monday to Thursday, and Friday will be a review session. Class materials include songs, original stories, vocabularies, and daily worksheets. Just like other teachers in Duunokid, our Korean teachers are native speakers and experts in academic education. They observe students in a detailed fashion and conduct engaging classroom environments to maximize every minute of the lesson.


In order to ensure the diversity of our feedback and data, we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible through the QR code in the poster. Selected students will be contacted by our customer service to arrange trial lessons. For those who signed up but did not receive a spot at the end, we will make sure to put you in our priority list in our next trial event. In addition, anyone who signed up for the Korean trial week will receive discounts on other Duunokid products. We currently provide 1-on-1 online lessons for English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese all taught by native speakers. We are grateful for your support and excitement of Duunokid’s expansion!

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